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The Riddle (film)

The Riddle

Modern, supernatural thriller with a Dickensian twist.

The Riddle was shot on location in London and released in 2007. Brendan Foley wrote, produced and directed the $5m feature with Grosvenor Park Productions.
The story is a smart contemporary mystery thriller with a supernatural Dickensian twist, about a London sports reporter (Vinnie Jones), who investigates a series of murders that follow the discovery of an unpublished Dickens novel in a Thames-side pub. It also stars Derek Jacobi, Vanessa Redgrave, Julie Cox, Jason Flemyng, PH Moriarty and Mel Smith.

As well as being chosen by numerous film festivals ranging from Austin Film Fest to Little Rock and Nantes to the London Film Fest, the film had a unique launch in the UK through a deal with the national Newspaper The Mail on Sunday. The paper bought first run DVD rights and distributed 2.65 million copies, giving the modestly budgeted indie the same launch circulation as Titanic. The innovative deal was covered by the BBC and in the trade press including Variety, Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter. The script was a prize-winner in the Final Draft International and Australian International competitions, and a silver medalist in the Archer Prize.

Below a 24 minute scene compilation from the film of Sir Derek Jacobi as Charles Dickens reading from his long-lost manuscript.