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On the Rocks


Comedy-romance. When a long-submerged island rises to the surface for the first time in 200 years, it rekindles a territorial dispute between two neighboring countries. The struggle for possession of the long lost lump of rock is fought out between a charming but pompous city journalist and a feisty local fisherwoman, each trying to claim the island for their country – and themselves. When the couple are marooned on the rock they must find a way to get along, and ultimately survive together.

In the vein of Il Postino, Waking Ned, Notting Hill , War of the Roses and Cast Away.

Based on a multi award-winning screenplay (Winner Euroscript Media II (Creative Europe) award, set in the Med, near Sicily, with British-Italian protagonists. The real underwater island last surfaed in the 19th century, but Italian seismologists have reported that it is on its way back to the surface, hopefully in time for the premiere…