Since 2015 Brendan has been one of the busiest TV writers and producers in the UK, bringing experience from features, books and journalism. Current and recent TV drama series development work for broadcasters and producers in China, UK, Finland and Canada includes:


A classic detective series set in Ireland in the 1920s, developed with BBC TV NI and NI Screen. Based on a series of 20 bestselling novels from the 1930s by Freeman Wills Crofts, described as “The father of the police procedural”.



A miniseries originally developed with CBC and NI Screen – the fictionalised story of The Great Escape from a brand new perspective of both the men and women whose lives became entwined in one of the greatest prison-breaks in history.  Brendan also wrote the bestselling book Under the Wire (Random House), set in the POW camps of WWII Germany.



Croton Media, China’s biggest TV production company commissioned Brendan to create an English language version of Age of Heroes, a story based in Chinese mythology at the dawn of time, with many similarities to the legends of King Arthur. It is a quest story of how a young boy living in the wilderness grows up to be a king, uniting the five tribes that make up the first humans.



TIPPING POINT, for Luminoir, Matila Rohr and Scandi satcaster ViaPlay, is a modern eco-thriller series about an unlikely band of investigators faced with a countdown to a series of climate change events that could change the world. Based on the acclaimed book Sands of Sarasvati by Finnish author and scientist Risto Isomaki.


For Luminoir, The Proper Picture Co and NI Screen. Described as “The Sopranos in Dark Age Finland” a fresh, sexy, violent look at a dysfunctional family in the weird world of Kvenland, an 8th Century Finnish kingdom. Characters are heroic one minute, appalling the next. Similar in tone to The Lion in Winter.


Ingenious Media, the UK’s leading private funder for TV and film  helped Brendan develop a new international criminal-legal series. Details are still under wraps. Now working with Steven


Brendan’s previous drama work includes Dr Feelgood for Monday TV, Danish Film Institute and TV3 in Denmark. The story of a psychiatrist who has a nervous breakdown and decides what random mental ailment he will be treating before he meets the patient. Strangely, he becomes a great success.

Brendan has also written and developed several hit TV animation series with T&B, including Shelldon for NBC and Byrdland for Asian markets (see menu above).