Brendan produces features and TV co-productions, often under the banner of The Proper Picture Co. Ltd, an alliance of leading film and TV professionals who have each made award-winning international feature films and TV series.

Their complimentary skills cover every aspect of film-making from writing to directing and financing to production, post and distribution – both independent and studio projects as well as TV drama and animation. The team includes Brendan Foley (The Riddle, Johnny Was), Ned Dowd (Apocalypto, Last of the Mohicans),  and Gavin James (Alexander, Terminator 3) who has been involved in the financing of dozens of films with a combined budget of more than $1 billion.

The company’s film and TV slate includes projects based on award-winning screenplays and best-selling books. It includes UNDER THE WIRE, based on Brendan’s WWII great escape bestseller, EASTER RISING, the prize-winning story of Dublin’s 1916 Uprising written by Foley and Shelly Goldstein, ICE AND FIRE, the story of Otzi the Ice Man, the frozen Stone Age warrior in the Alps backed by BLS Film Fund of South Tyrol and Northern Ireland Screen.

Another project in active development with Thailand’s T&B Media is THE WARRIOR, a China-UK co-production set in present-day England.

Most recently, SOLDIER BEAR, the incredible true story of the only beer-drinking bear who fought the Nazis, also based on a bestseller by Aileen Orr. It is now a co-production with FilmPolska.

TV Work includes a new crime-legal procedural project in development with Ingenious Media, Britain’s leading private media financier.

Below, an introduction to the Proper Picture Team.