Brendan has written, produced and directed independent feature films since 2004, distributed by Sony, Lionsgate and others.

Future features in active development include Soldier Bear, with FilmPolska in Poland, the story of the only brown bear who fought in WWII in the North African and Italian campaigns.

Another feature, The Warrior Wakes, a Chinese-UK coming of age story is  written and produced by Brendan with Gavin James for T&B Thailand.

A script developed with IDM film fund in South Tyrol and NI Screen is Hearts of Ice, a time-shift story about Otzi the Ice Man, the real-life 6,000 year old warrior found preserved in the ice of the Alps.

Previous produced features include Brendan’s first feature film in 2005, Action-drama Johnny Was (Sony), starred Vinnie Jones, Patrick Bergin, Roger Daltrey, Eriq LaSalle and Lennox Lewis. It tells the story of the world’s least safe ‘safe house’ in London. He wrote and produced the film and also directed sound post and music, with cult reggae DJ Adrian Sherwood. It won seven film festivals as Best Feature or Audience Award.

His next feature, as writer-producer-director was a thriller with a supernatural twist. The Riddle (Image Entertainment) had one of the largest circulations in indie film history, 2.6 million DVDs courtesy of a unique deal with Britain’s largest circulation newspaper. It starred Sir Derek Jacobi and featured Vanessa Redgrave, along with Vinnie Jones.

Brendan then directed TV movie Legend of the Bog (Lionsgate), a horror satire starring Titanic‘s Jason Barry and Nora-Jane Noone, about a body preserved for centuries in an Irish peat bog, dug up and dumped by greedy property developers.